Welcome to the Art Shop!


      Here you will find my photography work from around the Chattanooga area mainly consisting of our famous Cityscape images, as well as the incredible landscapes and nature out beautiful city offers!


      I am fortunate to work closely with a local boutique printing shop who hands down prints the highest quality canvases in Chattanooga. With them being local, that also makes our turnaround time on your piece normally within 2 days!


      It is hard to go wrong with a canvas piece, but if you are looking for something a bit more unique, we will gladly print on acrylic, aluminum, and wood. Whatever size you are wanting, we can handle it! Normal sizes and prices are shown to the right.


       What size canvas is right for you? Normal canvases are printed on 3/4" or 1 1/2" stretcher board. This is ultimately the thickness of your canvas and how far it is going to stick off of the wall. We also recommend measuring the area you are planning on decorating before deciding on a size. We want to make sure your new art piece fits your space nicely!


       After deciding on what piece works best for you, head over to checkout with your item number and size, and I will send you a secure Online checkout through QuickBooks.