Drew Beach is a Chattanooga based photographer specializing in Real Estate, Architecture, and Commercial Spaces, as well as Nature Photography.


Born and raised in Chattanooga, Drew initially began studying Graphic Art at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, later to change his direction of study towards Business as an Entrepreneur. What started as a basic interest in cameras and photography at a young age, Drew has been working around Nikon DSLRs for quite a while and is very capable of using them to their full potential. Taking pictures of a new custom home for a local builder with a time crunch is how Drew fell in love with photographing homes and architecture. It is always a new shot, a unique perspective, and a different challenge to conquer at every shoot, that is why he loves this business.


Drew uses a mixture of natural and artificial light where appropriate to capture stunning interior and exterior spaces. Every image is painstakingly built from multiple exposures with expert attention to detail. Drew strives to create laid-back and fun environments while shooting, whether it be a small real estate shoot or a brand new construction for a designer.


When Drew isn't photographing homes and architecture, he is normally out fishing or taking pictures of the amazing wildlife that inhabits our beautiful city of Chattanooga.